Whether building, buying or renovating on the Costa del Sol,
as a home project or as a real estate investment,
 is one of those things that you have thought of as difficult or impossible
contact us.

As a NEW CUSTOMER we offer you
a free 30-minute first interview
to listen to you and talk
on the best options for your project.
We attend you in our office in Nerja.
and also by video call if you are in another country.
Good orientation is the first step. Your best action.
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Is this word new to you?

It is.
It is a quality and lives outside dictionaries.
It is inspired
in the air ratio

which represents the dynamics of nature to make something grow beautifully and harmoniously.
We have created this word for you,
to define our way of welcoming you and working with you as a customer.

The construction of your home to transform it into a home is a complex process of many steps involving different people and actions.

En esto nosotros también nos orientamos a lograr equilibrio, funcionalidad y solidez.

If in your case you are interested in buying or building a home as an investment for tourist exploitation, you may need to be informed about some essential aspects for the correct execution of a project. We can also advise you.

From the first appointment we are ready to answer your questions about construction market conditions, current regulations, energy efficiency and trends in materials and design.

As a team of creative professionals we are dedicated to finding solutions more convenient for you.

That's why we expand from architecture to Project Management facilitating each stage of the project, providing you with attention and efficient answers.

This is how we started and finalize your project.

This way we take care of the results of your investment.

We are AUREA.

"Architecture does not exist without people."

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen



"I call architecture: frozen music."

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


Arquitecto en Nerja | Martín Iperico


*1969RIO Tercero, Province of Córdoba, Argentina.

*Resident in Nerja, Spain, since September 2001.

On Friday, AUGUST 16, 1996, I received my diploma as an architect at the UNC, National University of CÓRDOBA, Argentina.

On the same day I was also awarded a First Prize in the International Competition of Architecture for Tourismof the University of Santa Catarina, Brazil,  by which I was able to travel to Europe and come into direct contact with a living vision of architecture that I had known only in stories and images.

Although these can be considered memorable moments in my professional journey, For me the most significant thing was everything that happened before and after that day. 

The following I'll tell you why.

During the 7 years of university studies most of the study tasks included group work.

For this reason some colleagues and I decided to rent a house which we managed to transform into a a great creative space of several rooms.
Each one dedicated to an area: drawing, layout, study, relaxation, debate, among others.

There we prepared all our tasks.

There were also spontaneous meetings for the exchange of experiences and ideas...various get-togethers. 
Including a few late dinners and sleepless nights to finish
mock-ups and preparing for exams.

Although we were not experts In one thing in particular, our enthusiasm and synergistic capacity propelled us all to finish our careers with excellent results and projections.

Most of the members of the house We were already working on projects in a company or architectural firm, hired as interns, draughtsmen or assistants in some sector.

Today, each of us has his or her own studio in different parts of the world.

In my case, for reasons of family relocation, I also obtained the validation of my architect's degree from the UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE in 2004 and started offering my services in Nerja, Malaga.

Thanks to everything I learned as a student, I restarted working in a team, leading a group of five people who are currently accompanying me as AUREA, Architecture & Project Management.

To be part as an entrepreneur of BNI LEADS for the past five years has also resulted in training in the art of "Givers Gain™", which means "winning by giving". and a great opportunity to share business contacts, networks and referrals.

In February 2019 I receive the award for BEST NETWORKER of the group BNI LEADS in Nerja which also won the award for the BEST BNI GROUP in Malaga and Granada Sur, in recognition of all the collaborative work achieved between entrepreneurs from various sectors.

It is always a great challenge to put forward ideas, define actions and realise them as a community.

Even so, at AUREA we are clear about
This is the only way to enrich ourselves personally, to grow as a group and to offer complete and coherent answers to our clients.

And we do it all the time. How?

Listening to each other. Sharing experiences and creating new ones.

We achieve this by looking in the same direction:
Your satisfaction and peace of mind in entrusting us with the care of your investment.

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